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A Statement of Purpose

August 3, 2013

I’ve tried blogging before.  I’ve started up blogs on at least three separate occasions, and not one has lasted for more than a year.  My last one was the most long lived and–well, “successful” is the wrong word, but at least it attracted the link-bots.  Even then, I barely got through a school year with it.  At a certain point, I get bored with a topic and leave it be.  Better to leave the keyboard alone then to push out passionless content, right?

This time around, I think things will be different.  I don’t have a theme in mind here; I’ll just be relaying whatever I happen to be thinking about that day.  It could be politics, television, music, poetry, or wherever else the muse would lead me.  I believe Neil Young said he works only for the muse, and that’s not bad advice to follow for this sort of endeavor.

I’ll be trying to post something at least three times a week.  This will likely result in a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule because, well, that’s how a thrice weekly schedule tends to work out.  (I can already see that Christmas is a Wednesday, so that will be fun.)  I make no promises about that, hypothetical reader, but I’ll try to be timely with updates.

Really, though, I only have one purpose here, and that’s to enjoy myself.  If it becomes a drag, then I’ll take a break.  It’s fun first here.

This is, in fact, a long-winded way of saying hello.  With any luck, I shall see you again on Monday.

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  1. I too know the feeling of struggling to keep writing in a blog! Even though no-one is reading it, I still feel immense pressure for it to be extremely witty, and then I get half way through and give up!

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