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Hey, Michael, Where’d You Go?

September 12, 2013

So, you might be aware that it’s been ten days since I last posted on this blog.  I’ve said before that I want to post three times a week, so why did I disappear for a week-and-a-half?

In the post “I Told You About All Those Fears”, I mentioned that the hinge for my laptop screen had come loose.  It turned out the fix was not as simple as it first appeared.  I didn’t get my laptop back until late yesterday afternoon, and when I did I found that the keyboard didn’t work.  (In other words, it went from fragile to unusable.)  I took it back, and it turned out that one of the cables had been put in the wrong way during the reconstruction.  As I write this post, I’ve had a functioning laptop for all of twenty minutes.

So, yeah, I’m happy to have my machine back.  So happy to get to blogging again.  I had a couple of drafts in the works before I sent the laptop in for repair, so I should be back on schedule by Monday.  (Fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong…)  I’ll see you guys then!


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