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“My Very Own (Public) Notebook” is a place for me to share my thoughts for the day.  There’s no theme which unifies the posts, other than the fact that I find the topic interesting.  One day it may be a commentary on an article I read; the text I may be discussing television or music; and the next may be a run-down of my day in the real world.  I realize this is not a unique way to run a blog, but I hope to at least provide my own spin on things.

Comment Policy

When I started this blog I didn’t expect to have readers, let alone comments.  So I’m laying down some ground rules.  I’m doing it on the fly, so I reserve the right to amend the comment policy should the need arise:

  • No threats or violence or abuse of any kind.  This should go without saying, but it’s good to have it in writing.
  • No racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise hateful language.
  • All comments are moderated.  This not only makes it easier to enforce the above rules, but it ensures that I read any and all comments.  The downside is, should I be away from the computer, your comment may take awhile to appear on the blogs.  My apologies in advance.
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